Thursday, January 5, 2012


There is a time that I felt something,
Something that I can't explain,
As time goes by,
I just can't sustain...

I feel like I hurt someone..
Someone who makes me complete,
He's a friend  that I will never leave
Until I can't breathe...

But I have been so foolish
I have been so selfish
I hurt him  so badly
So bad that he had to leave me...

Sorry for the times I'm not there..
When you have problems you can't bear.
Sorry for hurting you,
And leaving you in an old shoe...

I wish I could turn back time,
For those time we had shared..
I wish this wouldn't happen,
For I am longing to see you again...

So please don't be sad
So please don't get mad
I don't want to lose our friendship...
I don't want to lose you....MY TRIP...



  1. sinong trip yan?

    trip to heaven?

  2. hahaha..nakow...wala akong maisip na rhyme ng friendship ee..kaya trip nalang..hehe

  3. ahh, i see. wala lang.
    false assumption lang na naman ako.