Monday, January 2, 2012

I can't be with YOU even if I want to...

Sometimes we just have to wait until the right time comes.
Sometimes we just need to suffer to all the pains that we feel.
And sometimes when the right time comes and no more sufferings...there are persons that force to separate you to the person you love...

And as for me...there are lots of suffering I had encounter but still there are people who can't understand what I feel..

That's the reason why I can't be with you..Even if I wanted to...:(
But..even though YOU and ME are against the world....

I will make sure and promise you that my love for you will last until eternity...


  1. dear, emotions are fickle,,, it will be there when you least need it and absent when you need it.

    People tends to look widely that they cannot see the reality that are already lying through their face. Sometimes suffering is merely not accepting reality that are at reach.

    :) Promises could take you to an early dusk. It will hurt before you know it bleeds.

  2. no comment nalang po ako..hahaha..

  3. hahaha @ Veil so much for the welcoming remarks, dear. :)