Thursday, January 5, 2012


There is a time that I felt something,
Something that I can't explain,
As time goes by,
I just can't sustain...

I feel like I hurt someone..
Someone who makes me complete,
He's a friend  that I will never leave
Until I can't breathe...

But I have been so foolish
I have been so selfish
I hurt him  so badly
So bad that he had to leave me...

Sorry for the times I'm not there..
When you have problems you can't bear.
Sorry for hurting you,
And leaving you in an old shoe...

I wish I could turn back time,
For those time we had shared..
I wish this wouldn't happen,
For I am longing to see you again...

So please don't be sad
So please don't get mad
I don't want to lose our friendship...
I don't want to lose you....MY TRIP...


Monday, January 2, 2012

I can't be with YOU even if I want to...

Sometimes we just have to wait until the right time comes.
Sometimes we just need to suffer to all the pains that we feel.
And sometimes when the right time comes and no more sufferings...there are persons that force to separate you to the person you love...

And as for me...there are lots of suffering I had encounter but still there are people who can't understand what I feel..

That's the reason why I can't be with you..Even if I wanted to...:(
But..even though YOU and ME are against the world....

I will make sure and promise you that my love for you will last until eternity...

Back Home

Seemed like yesterday,
That I am alone.
But you came to my life &
Bring me back home.

I thought I will die alone.
I thought no one loves me.
But I was wrong.
You bring me back home

You came into my life,
You give me strength to live.
You thought me how to be happy
In all possible worlds it can be
You are my life now.
You bring me back home

I wish this will never end
I wish you will never leave
I wish we could be like this forever
Because you bring me back home.

Now that you are here
No more lonely endings
No more tears, which will run dry on my face
No more heartache
No more pain
You bring me back home.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start of the NEW Day..Week..Month..and Year

First time ko gumawa ng blog...hindi ko talaga alam kung paano..haha

My First time...dami kasing first time na nangyari sakin..hahaha
Like...first time kong nalaman na BISEXUAL pala just kidding..first time kong magsulat sa blog na tungkol sa pagiging BI ko,,

First time kong nagkaroon ng bisexual na karelasyon na umabot ng Christmas and New Year.. >_<
I'm so much happy na dumating xa sa buhay ko..

the past year had been so much memorable to me...madami ako nakilalang tao...madami din akong naging karelasyon (anlandii)..pero ngayon ko lang napagtanto...nakahanap ako ng katapat ko..mahal ko ang taong ito,,at sana ganoon din siya sa akin

Marami man ang against sa same sex rel...well..wala naman ako magagawa..opinyon nyo yan..lahat tayo nagkakasala...

wait...saan na ba napupunta itong sinasabi ko??haha,,,well....first time is always first time.. :)

marami pa tong kasunod,.hahaha